Hove Gardening Club

The Club plans to re-open in January 2022 with a cautious approach. Please see monthly Bulletin for further information and the Committee will keep you informed of developments. Details of the January and February 2022 social events can be found in the November Bulletin on the ‘News’ page. Click on the link to read the Bulletin.

What a lot of prizes! Our thanks to Leila P for organising the AGM raffle which was a great success.

The Winners were: Linda C, Denise P, Lyn B, Philomena P, Carole K, Carol P, Mike A, Susan C, Sheila M, Tony A, Mary P & Joyce R. Congratulations to all and below are some of the lucky winners.

Philomena and her raffle bag full of prizes
Denise and her superb hamper
Frances accepting raffle prize for Carole
Luckily it’s a sturdy table with all those prizes!
Leila's trip to Leonardslee Gardens
Want to see more stunning photos like this? Then head to the Gallery to view Leila’s evening visit to Leonardslee Gardens
The beautiful Brighton Royal Pavilion at night. Thanks to Leila P for sending in this photograph.