Members’ Gardens

Share photos of your garden by emailing them to: [email protected]

Spring is truly here in Tessa L’s garden

Pat A’s stunning japonica enjoying its sunny south facing position
‘Another rainy lockdown day – another batch of marmalade’ Marion K
This is my first Amaryllis in bloom. I thought it might cheer you all up. Chris R
‘My garden in the rain. So many pictures are taken in bright sunshine but I thought I’d take this one in the rain as it looked so refreshing’ Leila P.

Time for a haircut!

Leila P sent in photos of her bay tree’s haircut, ‘before’ and ‘after’. Jacky says her lock-down hair definitely resembles ‘before’…

Leila P’s unruly bay tree
….and the beautiful new look

Technically this is not a ‘Members’ Garden’ photo but Leila P sent in a delightful photo of her freshly-made cauliflower and apple cake. We just have to share it with you because it looks so delicious! If you have a photo of your favourite cake that you’d like to share, please email it to [email protected] and you might just see it here.

My white Brugmansia Marion K
Ginger Lily Marion K
Haemanthus Albiflos ‘Shaving Brush Plant’ Marion K
‘Tomato and cucumber harvest’ Marion K
‘My ‘Crepe Myrtle’ from South Carolina’ Jacky H

‘My £1 pot of roses saved from last year’ Marion K
‘my garden’ Marion K
‘morning glory on the fence in desparate need of some rain’ Marion K
Dhalia ‘Cafe au Lait’ Marion K

Chris R’s garden snaps (below)

Jenny T ‘My sunflowers are taller than me!’
Tessa L Hibiscus
Tessa L ‘Hibiscus at it’s best’
Chris R ‘A thoughtful passerby left this pebble on my doorstep so I thought I would pass it on’
Chris R ‘garden view from my back door
Pat A ‘another view of my garden’
Pat A’s beautiful garden
Pat A’s beautiful garden

Marion K ‘my delphiniums ‘crystal delight”
Marion K ‘A Great spotted woodpecker, who visited us 2 days running and spent at least 15 minutes on the pear tree’
Pat E ‘I’ve been told these are Rose Chafer Beetles’

Marilyn H ‘My stunning mini meadow’
Chris R ‘My flower for the day ‘Phacella’

Anne G ‘Eight of the twenty echiums in my garden’
Anne G ‘Foxgloves in May 2020’

Chris R ‘close ups from my garden’

Maria G ‘Viv’s brown Iris’
Tessa L ‘my Roses’
Bev W ‘Butterfly on my hanging basket’
Bev W ‘Heuchera & Aquilegia which I bought at the plant sale about 3 years ago’
Bev W from her garden

Chris R ‘Nicotiana in my garden’

Leila P ‘My beautiful orchid’
Viv S ‘view from the terrace’
Tessa L April crab apple
Tessa L April crab apple
Chris R’s VE day celebrations

Susan P Hens & Pots
Susan P Hens & Pots
Leila P fronzy ferns
Leila P fronzy ferns
Susan P Spring Blossom
Susan P Spring Blossom

Stunning Geums and Bluebells sent in by Britt-Marie