Special Interest Group meeting on a beautifully sunny day in March. They shared seeds and made a start on sowing. It was a chance to catch up in the fresh air and afterwards we had tea and cake (of course!).L to R: Mai A, Caroline B, Eileen H, Maria G, Tessa L, Sara O’D, Marion K, & Jenny T

Some committee members visiting Marilyn & Graham – we took a fantastic country walk. L to R: Jacky H, Pat W, Graham, Maria G, Marilyn
Pin-eyed primsose (left) & Thrum-eyed primrose (right) in Marilyn & Graham’s field
Hello! Marilyn & Graham’s neighbours

Can’t find your bulletin or newsletter? Don’t worry, you’ll find it below…….

Here’s Audrey with her most amazing cheese and potato slice We live in hope for next year. Thank you for tickling our taste buds Audrey!

Plant Sale 2019
Plant Sale 2019